Your day on the water is about to get better as docking a pontoon boat, or a sailboat has just become a hell of a lot easier thanks to the simplicity of the latest device to hit the marine market from Python.  The easy to use fender hanger from Python makes the task of putting out boat fenders at precisely the right height, an absolute breeze.

These fender hangers will save you time and frustration from tying off the pontoon sailboat, Bowrider, fishing boat, Jon boat, bass boat, Lund boat, ranger boat, duck boat, ski boat, or even a cruiser every time you dock it.

Instead of tying and untying complicated knots for your fenders, the sleek and simple design of this product makes it easier to dock and park your boat without worrying about scratches & dents. Adjusting the height wouldn’t break a sweat as well. With just one finger, you can easily lift the safety lever to move the rope up or down to your desired height.

Among all your friends and boating buddies, are you the only one that knows how to tie off the fenders? Let’s change that, as every time you guys go fishing or partying on your boat, they must be asking you to tie a complicated knot for them, right?

Don’t worry; our Pontoon Fender Hanger is an easy solution that anyone on the pontoon can use, plus, it features a blue safety lever to ensure the highest level of safety.

With our must-have boating accessory, you can easily attach and remove boat fenders in a moment, without tying a single knot and without any hassle.

Before moving on to tying off Boat Fenders, let’s know a little bit about them:

Docking & Rafting with Fenders

You have to secure the fender once you’ve finished docking or rafting since it avoids the fenders from getting caught on pilings or other boats. After docking, the bumpers should be hung near the widest beam point and secured to lifelines only if a cleat is available.

The importance of boat fenders is often overlooked; they can protect your boat from damage, as they:

  • Keep the fenders out of the water, and avoid the build-up of algae & barnacles on the bottom of the fenders.
  • Hang fenders horizontally when docking next to the piling, so they don’t roll aside.

If you believe your investments are worth protecting, your boat is no exception. Even if you’re extremely careful about docking your boat, harsh conditions and other boats could still damage your hull.

Good fenders are just as important for your boat as good anchors & choosing one that’s best suited for your boat is imperative for protecting your prized possession. With enough Fenders tied with Fender Hangers, your boat should be protected against bulkheads and hard pilings.

Now, you invested in the perfect watercraft when you purchased a pontoon, probably one of these. Protect it with the best pontoon fender hanger in the market today. But why are they necessary and how to tie them efficiently, let’s dive right in to find out!

Why is Fender Hanger a must-have Boating Accessory?

Fenders or ‘boat bumpers’ are padded or inflatable cushions made from marine-grade vinyl or PVC that protect your boat from bumping against docks & other boats. They are vital for your safety, but you have to tie them off first. And tying a knot to secure your fender is not an easy task to accomplish.

But, the new Fender Hanger by Python simply hangs onto a bow or side rail and can slide to any position between the stanchions. The skipper or any crew member (irrespective of how new they might be at boating) can use it by running the fender line through the Fender Hanger, and adjusting it, so the fender hangs at the correct height. And after you secure the line in the jaws, the job is done.


There are no knots to tie, no endless adjusting and re-tying, or any semblance of boating skill required with our revolutionary never before seen Fender Hangers.

Often less experienced people on board a boat feel a bit lost because they can’t do any of the regular boat things like tying knots.  But with Fender Hangers by Python, just about anyone can help to put the fenders out when a boat comes into dock.

Even experienced boaters find this product to be a great asset to have on board as it makes docking that much quicker and boating so much easier. The Fender Hanger is a simple one-piece construction with no moving parts.  It is made from durable, high impact material and high-quality corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum & stainless steel for long life.

With no moving parts in our Fender Hangers, there is nothing to break or fail. Also, it will never slide or scratch, and it fits standard ropes from 3/8” through to 5/8” in diameter.

PYTHON Fender Hanger

How to tie a Boat fender?

If your pontoon requires three fenders, place one in the middle, one at the aft, and one at the fore. More fenders are needed if two boats are being rafted together as unlike a stationary dock, they keep moving. Tying the fender at the correct height is also crucial for its safe keeping; otherwise, it won’t offer the protection it was meant to. Also, keep multiple fenders and fender hangers on hand so that you’re prepared for any kind of mooring condition.

You can attach the fenders to the side of the boat with our best in class fender hangers. The Python Fender hanger is specially designed for pontoon boats, and it is also an important sailboats accessory. It is the last fender hanger you’ll ever have to buy.

There are options for quick fenders out there. Still, none is better than Python’s revolutionary product, where you simply install the fender with an easily adjustable hanger that slides into your rod holder. On some specialized and easily perceptible YouTube channels that got plays from, you can get additional information on this topic.

How to Mount the PYTHON Boat Fender Hanger?

  1. The supplied mounting bracket can fit the larger 1-1/2” mostly square pontoon railings.
  2. First, you have to position the mounting bracket in the desired location. The security tab should be loose and remains in the ‘down’ position for the bracket to be easily moved or repositioned.
  3. To secure the bracket in a fixed position, try rotating the security tab so it makes contact with the bottom of the railing.
  4. Finally, tighten the security tab against the railing with a 5/32” hex key and 7/16” wrench.


Let’s conclude by tying it all together

Like us, if you like water or if you are a fan of sailing, you’ll agree with us when we tell you that boats are a source of joy & bring thrilling adventures in life. But without proper equipment, and pontoon boat and sailboat accessories, they can turn your hair grey, which makes fender hangers a worthy investment that will provide safety for your boat and peace for your mind.

Moreover, getting that fender to hang just right can take an excessive amount of time, ingenuity, and fancy knots. The annoying part is that the entire process is repeated each time the vessel is docked.

But, Fender Hanger from Python ends this hassle, as it can

  • Python’s Fender hanger easily adapts to the position of the fender of your pontoon, sailboat, bass boat, Bowrider to fit dock height in a matter of seconds
  • Removes the hassle of continually tying and untying fender lines from the rails of your pontoon, sailboat, bass boat, Bowrider, fishing boats, etc.
  • Attaches and detaches quickly, and won’t scratch or stain
  • Snugly fits both 1 ft. and 1.25 ft. square pontoon rails
  • Secures fender lines up to the common rope
    sizes 3/8” to 5/8”
  • Fits all 2019 & 2020 Premier brand pontoon boats
  • It holds up to 330 lbs.

PYTHON Fender Hanger


Our top-notch fender hangers are designed to make it fast & easy to hang and to adjust the height of fenders that are hung over the rails or from the deck. All components, including the mount, peg, and fastening screws, are made from high-quality corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel for long life in the harshest marine environments, and it can be horizontally or vertically mounted to nearly anything.

Finally, the PYTHON fender hanger comes with a bracket that can quickly secure it to standard 1.25” square pontoon railings. The device can be easily moved & repositioned or can be secured in place using standard tools.

This Fender hanger is a must-have pontoon boat accessory. There can be other fender hangers out there. But this product is revolutionary, and it has made tying off fenders a heck of a lot easier than before. The high-quality design of the PYTHON Pontoon fender hanger also allows you to hang a fender in a matter of seconds using rope sizes from 3/8” – 5/8”.

Further, the Safety Rail fender hanger and Sailboat Stanchion Fender Hanger from PYTHON come with an adjustable mount that can secure the rope to standard horizontal and vertical safety rails with diameters from 7/8” to 1-1/8”. And with the adjustable mount of these fender hangers, you can quickly move and position the device without any tools required.

These fender hangers work with pontoon boat sailboats, Bowrider, fishing boat, Jon boat, bass boat, Lund boat, ranger boat, duck boat, ski boat, or even a cruiser and let you to Sail happily, sail smart, sail astutely!

Python Fender Hanger is the last Fender Hanger that you’ll ever have to buy.